Services and Activities

Personalized Service

We specialize in personal, customized and face-to-face service. No calls to tech-support in foriegn countries or even to distant cities here in the U.S. Depending on the size of the project and your location, travel charges may be very reduced or eliminated entirely. Our goal is an on-going, personal relationship of service and support.

Application Development

We develop Custom cross-platform (Windows and Mac) applications that match customers specifications, not generic applications for sale through an app store or web site. If you have a requirement that you just can't satisfy with a generic app from the app store then we may be able to help. For more information, contact us - contact information is available on the CONTACTpage.


We have years of SQL Relational Database design, management and administration experience from large IBM mainframe databases like SQL/DS to small footprint, desktop databases like SQLite. SQL, or Structured Query Language, and Relational Database have become the world wide standard for high-speed, high-reliability access to your mission critical information.

FileMaker Database

We provide support and solution development for both existing and planned FileMaker installations. FileMaker in one sense, is an end-user database application, but it also provides an extensive and powerful scripting language. A language that many end-users are unwilling to spend the time to master. If need help with an exisitng FM solution, or would like to discuss a contract for a new one, please get in contact.


That's right Cobol. Although rarely used today, Cobol was the international standard language for developing business related software - in fact, it is an acronym for Common Business Oriented Language. And there are STILL millions of lines of Cobol code in production today. If your organization has Cobol programs in production and you need an experienced programmer to help maintain that code. Then we can definitely help. We have years of experience writing and maintaining Cobol programs, or supervising those who do, using CICS and SQL/DS in mainframe environments including DOS/VSE and VM.

On-site Support and System management

If your organization is too small to have its own IT staff, or even an IT person, then we can setup a management contract to oversee and manage your operations insuring system integrety and proper backup procedures that are not only in place, but are being followed consistently.


If you have a project or problem you would like to have some help with, even if it's just for a different point of view or ideas, please gives us a call. We will discuss various options and work to find a way to help. Remember, our speciality is personalized, custom solutions. Not "out of the box" generic applications that you must adapt YOUR methods to the software's requirements. Not the other way around.


If you are a Software Developer and would like to sub-contract out part of a project, we can help. See the ABOUT page for information on languages and environments where we can help.